The best and only exit strategy, is to build a valuable company.

Discover the step-by-step process we use to help you maximize the value of your business and create the OPTION to exit. 

Nik Ahkin
Founder of Inflow.

We do business value creation first and acquisition advisory after.

At Inflow we want to give you clarity on the exact steps you need to take NOW to create the OPTION to exit your business in the future. Empowering you with a well designed financial system that tracks the growth and value of your business as you go. 

Most Entrepreneurs think when they’re ready to sell  someone will come along and buy their amazing business.

In our experience the opposite is true. The hard reality is that most companies who go-to-market will never sell and those that do find a buyer often take a massive haircut on their valuation. 

To ensure your business transacts successfully and at maximum value you must have built transferable valueThis happens when you develop the business from two sides – earnings and assets attributed to the seller (you) and matching that to what is compelling enough for a buyer.   

Our recommendation is simple. 

Preparation is everything. Start earlier than feels natural, know the mechanics behind your valuation and engage potential acquirers well before you’re ready to exit.

First step, know the factors that impact your business' value.

How do we build your company's exit value?

Exit Value Score

Take a 5 min quiz to learn what factors impact your company's value and the attributes acquirers look for.

Exit Value Workshop

Evaluation of your company’s EVS and the creation of a compelling story to maximize company value.

Valuation & Insights

Get clear on the factors that impact your valuation and how the market would perceive your company the way it is right now.

Build Exit Value

Once you know the factors behind your valuation it's about developing a compelling plan to build exit value over a defined period of time (9 months or even 9 years) from now.

Drive Exit Options

When you've built exit value and tracked the market, you may be ready sell/exit. The important point here is you now have OPTIONS. Its no longer about IF you can exit but WHEN you choose to exit.

What our clients say

Five ways to make your company
more valuable.

Vision & Alignment

You have to be on the same page and row in one direction. Owner alignment is vital. A compelling vision backed with a sound strategy binds everything together.

Operations & Execution

A willingness to execute on the key strategic initiatives for growth and value improvements will drive real business results.

Competitive Advantage

Earnings growth and predictable cash flows are the byproduct of having unfair advantages and control over your demand curve.

Growth Curve

An exciting growth story is essential for companies looking for the acquisition opportunity.

Leverageable Organisation

Make your business worth more to your buyer than it is to you for the highest liquidity event possible.

Our Partners

The Valuation Playbook

Inside you’ll learn the 5 key strategies that will make your company 5X more valuable and the one key factor buyers need to see to move forward with the acquisition.

Discover new insights

Why Valuations Matter More Than Ever

Have you ever asked yourself what your business is really worth? It’s likely you don’t know the answer, and that’s a big problem. Valuations can help you.   As a business owner, you deserve to know the value of your most prized

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Proactive founders create their exit
by knowing WHEN to take action.

Given it is the single largest financial opportunity for most of us,
it would be a mistake not understand all your options.

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